“Thank you for calling. What can we do to improve YOUR business?”
In 1969, L.C. Clark started Auto Refinish Distributors with a converted office building in downtown Tulsa. It wasn’t long before there weren’t enough rooms to hold masking paper and body filler, so the business was moved to a brand new 18,000-square-foot facility just north of downtown.
As the years passed, ARD became a leader in the paint, body and equipment industry. The company’s growth spawned the addition of branch locations in Dallas, Houston and Kansas City, allowing us to service customers in the central United States from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, making ARD one of the largest independently-owned warehouses in the country.

Today, Steve Clark – L.C.’s son – stands at the company’s helm, overseeing day-to-day operations from a newly refurbished 32,000 square foot facility. As one of the charter members of IAMG, ARD has been instrumental in propelling the 5-Star and Xtreme brands to the top of the marketplace.
Although ARD has become a major player in the national market, the company hasn’t lost touch with its small-business roots. Placing a call to any of the four locations connects you with a knowledgeable customer service professional… a trait that has been lost in today’s corporate empires. It’s the personal touch and attention to detail that has made Auto Refinish Distributors what it is today.